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Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe, it's a country full of contrasts and richness to offer the incoming tourism. The present is built over a unique past throughout the entire continent that offers so many different possibilities to make your holidays memorable ones. Great cities such as Lisbon and historic towns like Linares, famous beaches to practice aquatic sports like those of Guincho. Other interesting spots like Evora, the historic university of Coimbra and the metro technology of Porto. Past, prestent and future. Everything you were looking for during yoru holidays. Portugal will offer you everything you wish with a kind smile.

The Portuguese Republic is the most western country in Europe. It's surface area occupies almost 89,000 squared kms measuring 220kms in width and 560kms in length. It borders from north to east with Spain. To the south and west with the Atlantic Ocean. It's territory also described by autonomous regions in the Azores and that of Madeira which is made up of two islands. Both archipelagos are located in the northern hemisphere of the Atlantic Ocean.

With 830kms of coastline, the portuguese have seen many boats come and go throughout history.

This location and these trips have influenced the character and culture of Portugal. The antiquity of it's ports show signs of the many boat that left off to discover new lands and spread their language and culture throughout many different places in the world. The sea pushed out and brought in numerous immigrants from old colonies, enrichening even more the culture of Portugal.

Portugal has many areas that a tourist should not miss out on seeing. Each one attractive for different reasons. Porto and Norte, capitals of european culture in 2001 with it's clergy towers and Serralves Foundation; Lisbon for it's colorful homes, castle and Gulbenkian Foundation; the center cities such as Coimbra, Viseu, Serra de Estrela; Alentejo, Beja, and Borba; the Algarve and Faro, with such a wonderful climate and variety of golf courses, and last but not least the Azores and Madeira, international tourist spots for it's great climate and beautiful landscape.

When you get tired of the view, you can sit down and begin to enjoy other senses such as those of taste and smell. Gastronomy in Portugal is rich and varied, each region has it's typical dishes with meats, fresh fish and seafood, and always accompanied by a great wine, whether they come from Duero, Alentejo, or the region of Dao amongst others.

In the last years, sports with the success of the national soccer team, the music with fadistas (traditional portuguese music) like Amalia Rodriguez, Mariza or the group Madredeus have caused great admiration for Portugal from all of Europe.


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